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    Message from the Director

    Dr. Angela Colantonio,

    PhD, OT. Reg. (Ont.) 


    As a proud alumna of the rehabilitation sector of the University of Toronto, I am honoured to promote the newly formed Rehabilitation Sciences Institute (RSI)! We provide a truly interdisciplinary training experience for graduate studies. 

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    RSI UofT
    RT : How does relate to ? Join us for this month’s ?Speaker Series?: “Mind & Body Connection: Explor… https://t.co/BcdcmGWWMR
    RSI UofT
    RT : To - - tomorrow I'm running an orientation session on RSI program requirements and timelines. Looki… https://t.co/XyytOG8mVV
    RSI UofT
    RT : Don't miss the next Leadership Rehab Rounds lecture a talk will feature Dr. R… https://t.co/A90z9ht4Vp
    Our Faculty
    Are you a student looking to work with one of our world renowned faculty?